VR-City Metro Bus Simulation Pro

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VR-City Metro Bus Simulation Pro

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VR-City Metro Bus Simulation Pro is a virtual reality game for the Google Play, Altergaze, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Fove, Freefly VR, Homido, iOS, LG 360 VR, Star VR, and Zeiss VR One platforms.

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let's ready for a city metro vr bus with ocular navigation to get an extreme fun of driving. Get ready for a new VR driving game. A new free city metro vr bus is waiting for simulation lovers. Use vr glasses and get into the shoe of a real metro bus driver and catch an extreme fun of simulation on your iOS device. A city metro bus driving gives you a feel of a real racing game. You have a limited time to pick passengers and drop them to their destination. So hurry up! wear vr glasses start engine, tap speed and get a real fun of 3d game with city metro bus.

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