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The Music Room

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The Music Room is a virtual reality game for the Playstation VR and Oculus Rift platforms.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

With a collection of unique virtual reality instruments and inspiring spaces, The Music Room will make you a multi-instrumentalist.

Unique Instruments[edit | edit source]

The instruments are designed with playability in mind, unlike traditional complex electronic instruments, or acoustic instrument that are constrained by physics. Play drums, laser harp, pedal steel guitar and our unique chord harp. All these are integrated with the bundled copy of Bitwig 8-Track. Easily loop instruments from VR, select presets, change device settings and launch clips.

Take Control Of Your Synths[edit | edit source]

As well as coming with our own collection samples and the amazing collection included with Bitwig, The Music Room is an expressive MIDI controller. It outputs traditional MIDI as well as the new MPE standard. With MPE The Music Room can control pitch, volume (aftertouch), timbre and 6 more dimensions continuously per note. This gives you amazing creative freedom with your music.

Live Performance[edit | edit source]

Instead of finger drumming with pads, play a drum kit that has as many cymbals and toms as you want. Everything is visually distinct, so no more identical pads or remembering if blue is your bass drum. Expressive instrument control means that parts you could previously only do with automation can now be performed live. No longer are you constrained by mapping instruments to a keyboard. Drum kits from Pearl, Ludwig, DW and Gretsch have been carefully scanned and included.

Inspiring Spaces[edit | edit source]

The space you are in shapes your music. Get comfortable being on stage, in the studio and in a practice room. Play at Cherry Bar, the best rock and roll bar in the world, Bakehouse Studio, a favourite rehearsal room of Elvis Costello, Tool and Nick Cave as well as an art deco theater, a stage The Beatles played on and many more. We don't just carefully scan the look of the space; we record it and use convolution reverb to make the instruments sound just like they would in the venue.

Song Writing[edit | edit source]

The instruments in The Music Room encourage you to explore different ways of songwriting, that aren’t usually possible with electronic instruments. Strum chords or slide from note to note. Change drums kits on the fly with clear visual feedback.

Plays Well With Other Software[edit | edit source]

The Music Room is a MIDI controller and can control any DAW. The bundled sampler is VST plugin. If you don’t already have a host, The Music Room ships with Bitwig 8-Track. It’s designed to be low latency and high performance, for stage and studio use. You can run the visual part of The Music Room on a separate machine from the audio host, if for example you want to have a Windows computer doing the VR portion but have a Macbook running your synths.

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