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Technolust: Scanlines

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Technolust: Scanlines is a virtual reality game for the Playstation VR platform.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

You (the player), take the role of a security professional charged with maintaining order at secure checkpoint in the dystopian cyberpunk universe of Technolust. Accompanied by your heavily modified artificial intelligence “IRIS” and using various scanners and interrogation techniques, you decide the fates of those passing through the scanline.

Scanlines is already in development for the Sony Morpheus and HTC/Vive systems, taking full advantage of standing VR and the PSMove controllers. Support for Oculus Touch is planned for the future.

Scanlines is being developed in partnership with Quantum Capture, who’s photogrammetry and facial performance capture bring life to the citizens of our virtual worlds. These high quality scans are mind-blowingly realistic in VR. Procedural animation adds to the character’s realism. They track points of interest, breath, heart rates change, pupils dilate and body language reacts to your proximity. True 3D positional audio is provided by Realspace3D. Their HRTF based solution for audio is unsurpassed in the realtime game environments of VR.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

This game takes full advantage of standing VR with larger tracking volumes and uses tracked motion controllers exclusively. At the start of a shift (after a short briefing), a photorealistic character steps through the checkpoint in front of you (human or otherwise). Standard questions may be asked via a terminal in the room. “Nature of your business in the Corporate sector?.. arriving from?… security clearance…” etc. Much in the same vein as games like La Noire, characters will react realistically to interrogation via performance capture.

Also at your disposal are various tools and scanners to physically examine the individual. Tools range from flashlights to black lights, to x-rays and pheromone scanners. Expanding on the life like nature of the experience, the player will be confronted with difficult moral dilemmas and awkward social situations. An important business man may get upset if you scan him without warrant. Obviously guilty or dangerous individuals may incline you to plant evidence. Much like games such as Papers Please, you must wrestle between your morality and your empathy to get the job done and survive to the next shift.

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