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Single Platform

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The following are all the Single Platform games on the VR Wiki.


The following games on this list are considered "Single Platform", that is games that are on a single platform or service. They typically do not have counterparts on other devices that function as platforms, even though they might be marked as compatible with other headsets (specifically headsets that are "phone holder" style platforms).

Single Platform Games

Image Name Publisher Release Date
Ace combat 7.jpg Ace Combat 7 Bandai Namco 2016
Actiongram.jpg Actiongram Microsoft 2016
Aderyns cradle splash.jpg Aderyn's Cradle Mojo Game Studios 2016
Affected - The Cabin.jpg Affected - The Cabin Fallen Planet Studios 2016
Alison Road.jpg Alison Road Lilith Ltd. 2016
Bank Limit.jpg Bank Limit Tastee Beverage Studios 2016
Baseball Kings VR.jpg Baseball Kings VR Appnori 2016
Bass drop.jpg BassDrop mxdwn 2016
Black Shield.jpg Black Shield SinceMe Networking & Technology Corp,. LTD 2016
Bullet Train.jpg Bullet Train Epic Games 2016
Bureau of Unexplained Phenomena.jpg Bureau of Unexplained Phenomena Tesseract - AVR development 2016
Chronos splash.jpg Chronos Gunfire Games 2016
Cult county.jpg Cult County Renegade Kid 2016
Cyber Defender.jpg Cyber Defender Codeloaf Studios 2016
Damaged Core.jpg Damaged Core High Voltage, Oculus 2016
Dangerball vr 2.jpg Dangerball London Studio 2016
Dead & Buried.jpg Dead & Buried Andrew and Ryan 2016
Dead or alive xtreme 3 vr splash.jpg Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Team Ninja, Koei Tecmo 2016
Desert Bus 2.0.jpg Desert Bus 2.0 Shiny Shoe 2016
Dimensional Intersection splash.png Dimensional Intersection Nicalis 2016
Disco Flux 1.png Disco Flux Solus Games 2016
Displacement Theory.jpg Displacement Theory Karel, Oculus 2016
Dreams splash.jpg Dreams Media Molecule 2016
Driveclub VR splash.jpg DRIVECLUB VR Evolution Studios 10/13/16
Dungeon Survival.jpg Dungeon Survival STORYTELLER VR 2016
Dwingle.jpg Dwingle XXII CREATIVE 2016
Echo Red.png Echo Red Nick Pottom 2016
Eclipse vr splash.jpg Eclipse White Elk 2016
Edge of Nowhere.jpg Edge of Nowhere Insomniac Games 2016
ElemenTerra.jpg ElemenTerra Freeform Labs 2016
Enemy Starfighter.jpg Enemy Starfighter House of the Dying Sun 2016
EverQuest Next.png EverQuest Next Daybreak Game Company LLC 2016
FIRMA.jpg FIRMA DigitalJogn 2016
FORM Episode 1.jpg FORM: Episode 1 Charm Games 2016
Farlands splash.jpg Farlands Oculus 2016
Farpoint image.jpg FARPOINT Impulse Gear 2016
Feral Rites.jpg Feral Rites Insomniac Games 2016
Filthy lucre.jpg Filthy Lucre Fabrik 2016
Final Burn.jpg Final Burn Final Burn Alpha 2016
Flagship.jpg Flagship Urban Logic Games Ltd. 2016
FlyInside FSX.jpg FlyInside FSX FlyInside Inc. 2016
Flying Acres VR.jpg Flying Acres VR Ben Librojo 2016
Fragments splash.png Fragments Microsoft 2016
Front Defense.jpg Front Defense HTC 2016
Gary the Gull splash.png Gary the Gull Motional LLC 2016
Get even splash.jpg Get Even Bandai Namco 2016
Ghost Vector.jpg Ghost Vector Ghost Vector 2016
Godling splash.jpg Godling Sólfar Studios 2016
Golem splash.gif Golem Highwire Games Q1 2017
Gran Turismo Sport splash.jpg GT SPORT Sony Computer Entertainment 2016
Ground Branch.jpg Ground Branch BLACKFOOT STUDIOS 2016
Harmonix music vr image.jpg MUSIC VR Harmonix 10/13/16
Hatsune Miku Project Diva X HD.jpg Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X Sega 10/13/16
Hatsune Miku VR.jpg Hatsune Miku VR Sega 2016
Hatsune mikue vr future live splash.jpg Hatsune Miku VR: Future Live Sega 2016
Heavy Gear Assault.png Heavy Gear Assault RiftInto 2016
Hellgate VR.jpg Hellgate VR Hanbitsoft 2016
Here They Lie vr.jpg Here They Lie Tangentlemen 10/13/16
Roboraid official.jpg HoloGrid: Monster Battle Happy Giant, Tippett Studio 2016
Hoostudio.jpg HoloStudio Microsoft 2016
Holotour.jpg HoloTour Microsoft 2016
How We Soar.png How We Soar Penny Black Studios Q4 2016
Hypatia.jpg Hypatia TimeFire VR 2016
I Expect You To Die.png I Expect You To Die Schell Games 2016
Into Arcade.jpg Into Arcade Charles Alexander 2016
Invasion Force.jpg Invasion Force Ghost Machine 2016
Island 359.png Island 359 Cloud Gate Studio 2016
Islands of Nyne Battle Royale.jpg Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale DEFINE HUMAN STUDIOS 2016
Killing Floor Incursion.jpg Killing Floor: Incursion Trip Wire 2016
Kingdom Come Deliverance.jpg Kingdom Come: Deliverance Warhorse Studios 2016
Korix.png Korix Stellar VR Q1 2017
Loading Human.jpg Loading Human Untold Games 10/13/16
Luckys Tale.jpg Lucky's Tale Playful Corp. 2016
Luna.jpg Luna Luna 2016
Megaton Rainfall.jpg Megaton Rainfall Pentadimensional Games Q1 2017
Metro Wrap.jpg Metro Wrap Valve 2016
Minformer.jpg Minformer Riftcat 2016
Modern Zombie Taxi Co.png The Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Sony Santa Monica 2016
Nimbus Knights.jpg Nimbus Knights Otherworld 2016
Ninja Trainer.jpg Ninja Trainer AtomicVR 2016
OMy Genesis VR.jpg O! My Genesis VR PEC Entertainment Inc. 2016
Onward.png Onward DownPour Interactive 2016
Pain in The Glass.jpg Pane In The Glass Infinite Wisdom VR Studios 2016
PlayStation VR Movie Player1.jpg PlayStation VR Movie Player Sony 2016
PlayStation VR Worlds splash.jpg PlayStation VR Worlds London Studio 10/13/16
Playthings.jpg Playthings Always & Forever Computer Entertainment 2016
Private Eye.jpg Private Eye PrivateEyeVR 2016
Project Ghost.jpg Project Ghost Project Ghost Studios 2016
Qube2.jpg Q.U.B.E.² Toxic Games 2016
Rez Infinite splash.png REZ Infinite Enhance Games, Monstars + Enhance Games 10/13/16
RIGS Mechanized Combat League splash.png RIGS Mechanized Combat League Guerrilla Cambridge 10/13/16
ROBLOX.jpg ROBLOX Roblox Corporation 2016
Ripcoil.jpg Ripcoil Sanzaru Games 2016
Robinson the journey splash.jpg Robinson: The Journey Crytek Q4 2016
Roboraid.jpg RoboRaid Microsoft 2016
Rock Band VR.jpg Rock Band VR Oculus, Harmonix 2016
Salvaged.jpg Salvaged Opposable Games 2016
Scavengers Odyssey 2.jpg Scavenger's Odyssey London Studio 2016
Shin godzilla.jpg Shin Godzilla Toho 10/13/16
SmackItBall.png SmackItBall VR Sports 2016
Solus Vive.jpg Solus Vive! Teotl Studios 2016
Space Nomads.jpg Space Nomads Loading Studio 2016
Spare Parts.jpg Spare Parts Electronic Arts Inc. 2016
Star Citizen.jpg Star Citizen Roberts Space Industries 2016
Star Wars Trials on Tatooine.jpg Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine ILM 2016
Star wars vr mission splash.jpg Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: X-wing VR Mission Criterion Games, DICE Q4 2016
Statik Institute of Retention 2.jpg Statik Institute of Retention Tarsier Studios 2016
SteamDolls.jpg SteamDolls THE SHADY GENTLEMEN 2016
Surrounded by Bugs.jpg Surrounded by Bugs! Bruno Gruber 2016
Sword Art Online The Beginning.jpg Sword Art Online: The Beginning IBM 2016
Tethered splash.jpg Tethered Secret Sorcery Towers Q4 2016
TheWave.jpg TheWave TheWave Vr 2016
The Climb.jpg The Climb CRYENGINE 2016
The London Heist splash.jpg The London Heist London Studio 2016
The Nest 1.jpg The Nest invrse studios 2016
The Playroom VR splash.jpg The Playroom VR Japan Studio, SCEA 10/13/16
The SoulKeeper VR.jpg The SoulKeeper VR HELM Systems 2016
The Unspoken.jpg The Unspoken Insomniac Games 2016
The Wake.jpg The Wake INVRSE 2016
Unreality.jpg Unreality Epic Games 2016
Until dawn rush of blood splash.png Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Supermassive Games 10/13/16
Vr luge 1.png VR Luge London Studio 2016
VR Sports Challenge.jpg VR Sports Challenge sanzaru 2016
VR Tennis Online.jpg VR Tennis Online COLOPL 2016
Virtual Novel.jpg Virtual Novel Virtual Novel Studio 2016
VizionEck splash.png VizionEck VizionEck LLC 2016
Voc Machine.jpg Voc Machine Minority Media Inc 2016
Volume coda splash.jpg Volume: Coda Mike Bithell 10/13/16
Vth Room.jpg Vth Room VR Visio 2016
Wayward sky splash.jpg Wayward Sky Uber Entertainment 10/13/16
Werewolves within splash.jpg Werewolves Within Red Storm 12/06/16
White day swan song splash.png White Day: Swan Song Rio Games 2016
Wild West Outlaws.jpg Wild West Outlaws Thomas Pasieka 2016
Wilsons Heart.jpg Wilson's Heart Twisted Pixel 2016
World war toons 2.jpg World War Toons Reload Studios 10/13/16
Xing land beyond 9.png XING: The Land Beyond Lotus Interactive Q1 2017
Young Conker Splash.png Young Conker Microsoft 2016
ZR Zombie Riot.jpg ZR: Zombie Riot PlaySide VR 2016
Ace banana splash screen.jpg Ace Banana Oasis Games 10/13/16
Dying reborn 1.jpg Dying: Reborn Oasis Games 2016
CRANGA splash.jpg CRANGA!: Harbor Frenzy HandMade Game 2016
Fly to KUMA splash.png Fly to KUMA colopl 2016
Hustle Kings VR splash.png Hustle Kings VR EPOS Game Studios, SIEE 10/13/16
I Expect You to Die splash.jpg I Expect You to Die SCHELL Games 2016
JoysoundVR 1.png JoysoundVR 2016
Mixip splash.png Mixip Oasis Games 2016
Pixel Gear 1.jpg Pixel Gear Oasis Games Q4 2016
Rise Of The Tomb Raider Blood Ties splash.jpg Rise of the Tomb Raider: Blood Ties Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix 10/13/16
Rollercoaster Dreams.png Rollercoaster Dreams Bimboosoft 2016
Space Rift.jpg Space Rift Vibrant Core Q4 2016
Space slame.png Space Slam Quickdraw Studios 2016
Super Stardust Ultra VR.jpg Super Stardust Ultra VR 10/13/16
Summer Lesson.jpg Summer Lesson 2016
Tumble VR.png Tumble VR 10/13/16
Weeping Doll splash.jpg Weeping Doll Oasis Games Q4 2016
Allumette splash.jpg Allumette Penrose Studios 2016
[[File:|32px]] Boxi 2016
Carnival Games VR.jpg Carnival Games 2K Games 10/28/16
[[File:|32px]] Code: 12VR 2016
Call of Duty Jackal Assault VR.jpg Call of Duty: Jackal Assault VR 2016
Granblue Fantasy Project Re Link.jpg Granblue Fantasy: Project Re:Link Platinum Games 2018
Grave vr.jpg Grave VR Broken Window Studios, LLC 2016
Happy Manager.jpg Happy Manager 2016
Headbutt Factory.png Headbutt Factory Gemdrops 2016
The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.jpg The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls 2016
[[File:|32px]] KILL X VR 2016
Mars 2030.jpg Mars 2030 2016
Nebulous.jpg Nebulous 2016
Neptune Flux.jpg Neptune Flux 2016
Nighttime Terror 2.jpg Nighttime Terror 2 2016
The occasional encounter.jpg The Occasional Encounter 2016
[[File:|32px]] Phantom World VR 2016
Project Boundary.jpg Project Boundary 2016
Race The Sun.jpg Race The Sun FlippFly 2016
Resident Evil VII splash.jpg Resident Evil 7 biohazard 2016
Snow.jpeg Snow 2016
Statik.jpg Statik Tarsier Studios Q1 2017
Star chart splash.png Star Chart 2016
Stifled splash.png Stifled 2016
Symphony of the Machine.jpg Symphony of the Machine 2016
Synthesis Universe.jpg Synthesis Universe 2016
Tea Party Simulator 2015.jpg Tea Party Simulator 2015 2016
V What Did I Do to Deserve This My Lord R.jpg V! What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord? R 2016
VEV Viva Ex Vivo.jpg Viva Ex Vivo Q4 2016
SportsBar VR.jpg SportsBar VR Cherry Pop Games 10/13/16
Pixel Ripped 1989.jpg Pixel Ripped 1989 Pixel Ripped Inc Q4 2016
Hulu.jpg Hulu Hulu 2016
INVASION!.jpg INVASION! Baobab Studios, Inc. 2016
Littlstar VR Cinema.jpg Littlstar VR Cinema Little Star Media, Inc. 2016
Vrideo.jpg Vrideo Vrideo 2016