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This is the OSVR Troubleshooting section of the general troubleshooting guide for the VR Wiki. Please use ctrl+f to search this page for common errors, or use the table of contents below.

My screen is black no matter how many times I plug in or unplug[edit | edit source]

  • Verify that both USB and HDMI cables are connected to the computer and make sure that HDK cable is connected securely to the beltbox.
  • Your device may be in direct mode (DM). When DM is enabled, the screen will turn off, but once you launch a game, it will turn back on. You will not be able to see the desktop background.

How do I enable or disable Direct Mode?[edit | edit source]

Direct Mode allows us to directly send input (games, video) to the headset. Extended mode is equivalent to mirroring your monitor on HDK display (act as a second monitor). Download the latest OSVR Runtime and launch OSVR-Central where you can enable and disable Direct Mode.

Every time I launch osvr_server, it exits out immediately. Why is this happening?[edit | edit source]

There can only be one (highlander) instance of osvr_server running. Check if there is another one already opened (check Task Manager for running apps).

I see the same image in two eyes. How can I fix this?[edit | edit source]

Download and install OSVR Control: http://sensics.com/software/OSVRControl-SW/publish.htm. Make sure your HDK is connected to your computer. Run OSVR Control. Click "connect" in the top right, then click "Toggle side-by-side".

How can I upgrade firmware of my HDK?[edit | edit source]

Download and install OSVR Control from this link. Then you can refer to this article on how to upgrade firmware using OSVR-Control.