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Minformer is a virtual reality game for the Oculus Rift platform.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

We made this to experiment with a few different camera modes for 3rd-Person VR Games. Here is what we came up with - 3 different modes. All 3 of these modes have the camera follow the player's movement 1-to-1. The main difference lies in the rotation of the camera.

Auto - This mode doesn't let the player control the camera rotation. When the player steps on a special glyph in the game, the camera fades out, then fades back in with a new rotation. This makes the camera controls completely hands-off and lets the player just focus on playing the game.

Semi-Auto - This mode lets the player rotate the camera in 45 degree increments around the player. The camera fades in / fades out between angles. There is also a "Top-Down" mode that will change the camera to look straight down on the character.

Manual - This mode gives the player complete control over the game, much like a typical 3rd-person game. Think Dark Souls, Saints Row, etc. The player can rotate, zoom, and move the camera up and down. In Manual mode by default, the orientation of the camera points straight forward (on the X/Z Axis); in contrast most 3rd person games the camera points at the player's character. There is an option, however, to point the camera to look at the character. Be warned, for while the "Look-Straight-At-Player" mimics a 3rd-person game very closely, we find it to be incredibly nauseating. We would not recommend it, but we left it in if you are curious. Toggle it with 4 / D-Pad Right.

We didn't include a "static" camera mode, because we figured that it would be functional, but wouldn't provide the same feeling that a 3rd-Person game does.

Personally we find the Manual mode to not be nearly as dizzying as we might have originally thought, with the caveat that we cannot handle the "Look At Player" mode at all. We are curious how you feel about the different camera modes in VR. Let us know at

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