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iOS is a gaming platform from Apple. It is not a virtual reality platform, but relies on other VR devices for this functionality.


iOS 9 brings you refinements at every level — from the apps you see on your Home screen down to the foundation of the system. Siri is smarter than ever, proactive suggestions keep you on track, and multitasking on iPad hits an all-new high with Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture. All these enhancements enable your devices — and you — to do so much more every day.


Image Name Publisher Release Date
Gnog game image.png GNOG KO_OP Q1 2017
A chair in a room.jpg A Chair in a Room: Greenwater Wolf & Wood Interactive Ltd 2016
Air Hockey VR.jpg Air Hockey VR Trioxin245 Software 2016
Archean Worldbuilder.jpg Archean Worldbuilder Defective Studios 2016
Art Gallery VR.jpg Art Gallery VR Virtualitus 2016
Baskethead.jpg Baskethead Oculus 2016
Blood VR.png Blood VR Raydingoz 2016
BombSquad.jpg BombSquad Eric Froemling 2016
Cubic Room VR.png Cubic Room VR Anyplays 2016
CurveBall VR.jpg CurveBall VR BurgoyneVRdev 2016
FastHit VR.jpg FastHit VR PROTEUS VR LABS 2016
Flying Fighter.jpg Flying Fighter Amytis Games 2016
Gun Blast VR splash.jpg Gun Blast VR Mimicrysoft 2016
Gunner.png Gunner nDreams 2016
Hardcode vr game splash.jpg Hardcode Jedium Game Studio 2016
Hidden Template - VR Adventure.jpg Hidden Template - VR Adventure HandyGames 2016
InCell VR.jpg InCell VR NIVAL VR 2016
InMind VR.jpg InMind VR Nival 2016
INSURGENT Shatter Reality.jpg INSURGENT: Shatter Reality Lionsgate 2016
Lamper VR 20.jpg Lamper VR 2.0 Archiact Interactive Ltd. 2016
Lost Contact VR - BlastVR B1.jpg Lost Contact VR - BlastVR B1 BlastVR 2016
Nighttime Terror.jpg Nighttime Terror Mark Schramm 2016
Perfect Angle VR - Zen Edition.jpg Perfect Angle VR - Zen Edition Ivanovich Games 2016
Proton Pulse.jpg Proton Pulse ZeroTransform Q4 2016
Qube Residence VR.png Qube Residence VR Radu Cius 2016
Romans from Mars 360.jpg Romans from Mars 360 Sidekick Ltd. 2016
Sheriff VR.jpg Sheriff VR VRGIANT 2016
Snow Strike.jpg Snow Strike 2016
Icon 512 web cut.png Space Box: The Journey Out of the Box Tom Graczyk 2016
Surreal VR.jpg Surreal VR Surreal Games 2016
The Last Standing VR.jpg The Last Standing VR BlastVR 2016
Unicycle Delivery Service.jpg Unicycle Delivery Service Level 13 Games Inc. 2016
Volvo Reality.jpg Volvo Reality Volvo Cars of North America, LLC 2016
VR Battle Helicopters.png VR Battle Helicopters Digital World Studio 2016
VTime.jpg VTime Kitsune Studio 2016
WAA VR.jpg WAA! VR Peter Bickhofe 2016
End space vr.png End Space VR Justin Wasilenko 2016
VR-City Metro Bus Simulation 3D Free.jpeg VR-City Metro Bus Simulation Pro Door to Apps 2016
VR Hunting for Cardboard.jpeg VR Hunting for Cardboard ARLOOPA Inc. 2016
DevilishGames.jpeg Virtual Kaiju 3D DevilishGames 2016
VR Crazy Boat Adventure.jpeg VR Crazy Boat Jolta Technology 2016
Relaxation VR.jpeg Relaxation VR Now VR 2016
Speedy Courier VR Runner.jpeg Speedy Courier VR Runner 2016
Chemistry VR.jpeg Chemistry VR Cardboard ARLOOPA Inc. 2016
Firefly Rescue.jpeg Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue Archiact Interactive 2016
VR Car Racing 3D.jpeg VR Real Car Racing Desser ArgeWorld 2016
Gunslinger VR.jpeg Gunslinger VR GameAnax Inc. 2016
Hungry VR Jungle Series.jpeg Hungry VR Jungle Series Ardigitc Ltd. 2016
Hooter Arena VR.jpeg Shooter Arena VR Area 1 Ltd 2016
VR Car Racing 3Da.jpeg VR Car Racing 3D ArgeWorld 2016
VR Castle Sim.jpeg VR Castle Sim Randall Gonzalez 2016
VR City Racer Cars 3D.jpeg VR City Racer ArgeWorld 2016
Darkness and Zombies VR.jpeg Darkness and Zombies VR Martin Ramirez 2016
VR Pixel Racer.jpeg VR Pixel Racer ArgeWorld 2016
Zombiestan.jpeg Zombiestan Navid Anzalichi 2016
VR Room Smash Virtual Reality.jpeg VR Room Smash Virtual Reality Andrew Nakas 2016
VR Star Racer 3D.jpeg VR Star Racer 3D ArgeWorld 2016
Vr in work.jpg YOUR FIRST MISSION ON MARS VR Jonathan Clombe 2016
Wizard Academy VR.jpeg Wizard Academy VR Realiteer Corp. 2016
VR Basketball.jpeg VR Basketball Raul Mayor Castro 2016
ANGRYBOTS VR JURASSIC.jpeg Angrybots VR Jurassic jonathan clombe 2016
Coaster Extreme.jpeg Coaster Extreme! Endless 3D Stereograph Snow Storm Software 2016
Egypt Chamber Cardboard.jpeg Egypt Chamber Cardboard ARLOOPA Inc. 2016
Aliens Invasion VR.jpeg Alieninvasionvr Maysalward(MRD) 2016
VR PRO SNIPER.jpeg VR PRO SNIPER Bons Gens Developers 2016
VR Real Snowy Mountain Drifting Game Pro.jpeg VR Real Snowy Mountain Drifting Game Pro Door to Apps 2016
VR-Real Roller Coaster Simulator Pro.jpeg VR-Real Roller Coaster Simulator Pro Door to Apps 2016
Insectizide Wars VR.png Insectizide Wars VR Bigtree Games 2016
Polygonal RollerCoaster VR.jpeg Polygonal RollerCoaster VR David Munoz Fuertes 2016
SpaceTerror VR.jpeg SpaceTerror VR David Munoz Fuertes 2016
Subway Surfing VR.jpeg Subway Surfing VR Daisy Daisy Digital, LLC 2016
Vertice One.jpeg Vertice One Nicolo Stanciu 2016
VR Jurassic Jungle Roller Coaster Pro.jpeg VR Jurassic Jungle Roller Coaster Pro Door to Apps 2016
VR Labyrinth.jpeg VR Labyrinth Frank Meyer 2016
ZombieKiller.jpeg ZombieKiller DHRUV KHATRI 2016
VR-Crazy Car Traffic Racing Pro.jpeg VR Crazy Car Traffic Racing Pro Door to Apps 2016
VR Hunting.jpeg VR Hunting ARLOOPA Inc. 2016
Highway Stunt Bike Riders VR.jpeg Highway Stunt Bike Riders VR Nasir Butt 2016
Skybee Nectar Collector.jpeg Skybee Nectar Collector Frontwise 2016
VR Zombie Warrior Shooter.jpeg VR Zombie Warrior Shooter Jolta Technology 2016
Vr in work.jpg Fantasy City Tours VR Nasir Butt 2016
Vr in work.jpg Troopers VR Frank Groh 2016
Hidden Temple Adventure.jpeg Hidden Temple VR HandyGames 2016
VR Bus Simulator.jpeg VR Bus Simulator Jolta Technology 2016
VR StarElude.jpeg VR Star Elude kaoru Azuma 2016
VR Dangerous Zombies.jpeg VR Dangerous Zombies Jolta Technology 2016
Tindergrove Prologue VR Experience.jpeg Tindergrove Prologue VR Experience Aleksey Yermakov 2016
Gunship Modern War VR Game Pro.jpeg Gunship Modern War VR Game Pro Rafique Ahmed 2016
VR Walking Death Zombie.jpeg Walking Death Zombies Jolta Technology 2016
VR Bike.jpeg VR Bike Polynotes 2016
Star VR Racer.jpeg Star VR Racer Polynotes 2016
Watch and Shoot.jpeg Watch and Shoot Jingzhou Chen 2016
VR Truck Simulator.jpeg VR Truck Simulator Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
VR Track Speed Racing.jpeg Mountain Adventure Shooting VR Pro 2016 Rafique Ahmed 2016
Mountain Adventure Shooting VR Pro.jpeg Mountain Adventure Shooting VR Pro Rafique Ahmed 2016
Stone Age Snap VR.jpeg Stone Age Snap VR 1st Playable Productions 2016
VR Deadland Zombies Combat.jpeg VR Deadland Zombies Combat Jolta Technology 2016
VR Lone Rival Shooter.jpeg VR Lone Rival Shooter Jolta Technology 2016
VR Safari Dragon Adventure.jpeg VR Safari Dragon Adventures Rafique Ahmed 2016
Alien VR Shooter.jpeg Alien VR Shooter Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
Three Little Pigs VR.jpeg Three Little Pigs VR 1st Playable Productions 2016
VR Earth Attack.jpeg VR Earth Attack Neal Jones 2016
VR Subway Train Simulator 2016.jpeg VR Subway Train Simulator 2016 Jolta Technology 2016
VR Sleigh Simulator5.jpg VR Sleigh Simulator ARLOOPA Inc. 2016
Wild Jungle Tour VR.jpeg Wild Jungle Tour VR Jolta Technology 2016
Mission Leviathan VR.jpeg Mission Leviathan VR FIBRUM 2016
Solar Realms Rising VR.jpeg Solar Realm Rising VR Daniel Scarpelli 2016
Luge Crush VR.jpeg Luge Crush VR shinypix 2016
VR Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator.jpeg VR Crazy Roller Coaster Simulator Jolta Technology 2016
Formula Virtual Reality Game.jpeg Formula Virtual Reality Game Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
I Slay Zombies VR.jpeg I Slay Zombies VR HandyGames 2016
VR Horse Riding Simulator.jpeg VR Horse Riding Simulator Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
VR Motorbike Simulator.jpeg VR Motorbike Simulator Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
VR Date Simulator.jpeg VR Date Simulator Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
VR Quad Riding Game.jpeg VR Quad Riding Game Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
Motocross VR Game.jpeg Motocross VR Game Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
Off-Road Virtual Reality Game.jpeg Off-Road Virtual Reality Game Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
Tokyo 2048 Roller Coaster.jpeg Tokyo 2048 Roller Coaster Claudio Mattos 2016
Cmoar Roller Coaster VR.jpeg Cmoar Roller Coaster VR Cmoar 2016
Horror VR Game.jpeg Horror VR Game Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
Aquadrome VR.jpeg Auqadrome VR FIBRUM 2016
Star Chart VR.jpeg Star Chart VR ESCAPE VELOCITY LIMITED 2016
Brain Voyagers VR.jpeg Brain Voyagers VR Brain Voyagers 2016
VR Shooter Zombie Shooter.jpeg VR Shooter: Zombie Shooter AE Mobile 2016
VR Car Driving Simulator.jpeg VR Car Driving Simulator Wenkly Studio Sp. z o.o. 2016
Air Racer VR.jpeg Air Racer VR Pierre Grage 2016
Star Hammer VR.jpeg Star Hammer VR FIBRUM 2016
GeoBots VR.jpeg GeoBots VR GeoBots VR 2016
VR Swing D2 2016.jpeg VR Swing D2 2016 Shekha Patel 2016
BattleZ VR.jpeg BattleZ VR Realiteer Corp. 2016
Wardwell House VR.jpeg Wardwell House VR Moolion Inc 2016
VR Beam.jpeg VR Beam shoma kaneko 2016
VR Forest.jpeg VR Forest Laurel Code Inc. 2016
VR Horse Simulator.jpeg VR Horse Simulator andrew sasaki 2016
CurveBall VR.jpg Curveball VR Hayden Burgoyne 2016
Under CalyPso VR.jpeg Under CalyPso VR Human Games 2016
Vanik VR - Star Ranger.jpeg Vanik VR - Star Ranger Vanik Interactive 2016
Mystical Island VR.jpeg Mystical Island VR FIBRUM 2016
VR Motor Racing Mania.jpeg VR Motor Racing Mania Haydar Aydin 2016
El Mirador.jpeg El Mirador Bradley Burns 2016
He's Coming VR.jpeg He's Coming VR marc armgren 2016
Long March Space Project.jpeg Long March Space Project Mandrill VR 2016
Lucky Punch.jpeg Lucky Punch Profero Beijing 2016
Romans From Mars 360.jpeg Romans From Mars 360 Sidekick Ltd. 2016
VR Horror House.png VR Horror House 2016
Sniper MotorBike Killer.png Sniper MotorBike Killer azen 2016
Smash VR.jpeg Smash VR Rabbx Inc. 2016
Space rustlers.jpeg Space Rustlers: VR Flying Game Dubit Limited 2016
Tuscany.jpeg Tuscany Jose Junior 2016
The Height.jpeg The Height Shoogee GmbH & Co. KG 2016
TrapShot VR.jpeg Trapshot VR James Zatsiorsky 2016
Vanishing Point.jpeg Vanishing Point Woodpenny, LLC 2016
Voxel Fly.jpeg Voxel Fly Cenek Strichel 2016
Virtual Reality Sniper.jpeg Virtual Reality Sniper andrew sasaki 2016
Vr in work.jpg VR Duck Hunt andrew sasaki 2016
VR Funfair.jpeg VR Funfair Frank Meyer 2016
VR Horror.jpeg VR Horror andrew sasaki 2016
VR Minecart.jpeg VR Minecart Phi Entertainment 2016
ZorBowling VR.jpeg ZorBowling VR FIBRUM 2016
VR Roller Coaster.jpeg VR Roller Coaster andrew sasaki 2016
Zombie Shooter VR.jpeg Zombie Shooter VR FIBRUM 2016
VR Run to the Z.jpeg VR Run to the Z kaoru Azuma 2016
Zombie Hunter VR.jpeg Zombie Hunter VR Sun-Young Min 2016
VR StarCombats.jpeg VR StarCombats kaoru Azuma 2016
VRaccoon.jpeg VRaccoon Great Gonzo Studio 2016
Zombie Abomination VR.jpeg Zombie Abomination VR harnil oza 2016
3DTube.jpeg Air Race VR FIBRUM 2016
VRocket.jpeg VRocket Indu Jain 2016
VRkanoid VR.jpeg VRkanoid VR VIAR d.o.o. 2016
Astro Protector VR.jpeg Astro Protector VR Area 1 Ltd 2016
Battleship Deffence VR.jpeg Battleship Deffence VR Sun-Young Min 2016
Beenoculus Games Classic Show.jpeg Beenoculus Games Classic Show Jose Junior 2016
Beenoculus Hive.jpeg Beenoculus Hive Jose Junior 2016
Spirit Runner VR.jpeg Spirit Runner VR MiniWorldGames 2016
VR Crossy.jpeg VR Crossy denis kropov 2016
Cardio VR.jpeg Cardio VR World of VR GmbH 2016
VR Mars Coaster.jpeg VR Mars Coaster World of VR GmbH 2016
Spaceship Battle VR.jpeg Spaceship Battle VR Sun-Young Min 2016
Crazy Swing VR.jpeg Crazy Swing VR IBRUM 2016
Defend Santas Grotto.jpeg Defend Santas Grotto Rewind FX 2016
Dive City Rollercoaster.jpeg Dive City Rollercoaster Shoogee GmbH & Co. KG 2016
Duck Pond VR.jpeg Duck Pond VR FLARB LLC 2016
Emakina Racing.jpeg Emakina Racing Emakina 2016
Flight Simulator.jpeg Flight Simulator Jose Junior 2016
Space Slider VR.jpeg Space Slider VR Stephen Such 2016
Froggy VR.jpeg Froggy VR FIBRIUM 2016
GermBuster VR Google Cardboard.jpeg Germbuster VR Realiteer Corp. 2016
Go Karts - VR.jpeg Go Karts - VR GameAnax Inc. 2016
VR Roller Coaster Simulator.jpeg VR Roller Coaster Simulator Laser Pike 2016
SolarVoyagerVR.jpeg SolarVoyagerVR JOCS 2016
Hometown Zombies VR.jpeg Hometown Zombie VR Jong Jin Kim 2016
Jose Junior.jpeg Snake VR Jose Junior 2016
VR ONE Cinema.jpeg VR ONE Cinema Carl Zeiss AG 2016
Jurassic Virtual Reality.jpeg Jurassic Virtual Reality Lunagames 2.0 2016
Lamper VR.jpeg Lamper VR Archiact Interactiv 2016
Mad Race VR.jpeg Mad Race VR FIBRUM 2016
Mega Asteroids.jpeg Mega Asteroids Jose Junior 2016
Orinthalian.jpeg Orinthalian Jose Junior 2016
A Virtual Reality Ghost Story.jpeg Sisters: A Virtual Reality Ghost Story Otherworld Interactive, LLC 2016
Quad Buggy VR Stunt Race.jpeg Quad Buggy VR Stunt Race Jolta Technology 2016
Railman VR.jpeg Railman VR HUAI YIN HSU 2016
Roller Coaster VR.jpeg Roller Coasters VR Giana Lucia Cardoso Mattos 2016
Sharks VR.jpeg Sharks VR Lakento 2016
Siegecraft Commander VR.jpeg Siegecraft Commander VR Blowfish Studios Pty Ltd 2016
Signals Snowball Fight.jpeg Signals Snowball Fight Signals Ltd 2016
VR Dolphin.jpeg VR Dolphin Laurel Code Inc. 2016
VR Clay Shooting.jpeg VR Clay Shooting Red Steed Studios kft. 2016
Last Floor VR.jpeg Last Floor VR FIBRIUM 2016
VR Project 6.jpeg VR Project 6 Element Cell Game Limited 2016
Trench Experience VR.jpeg Trench Experience VR Inspyro Ltd. 2016
Sky Runners VR.jpeg Sky Runners VR FIBRUM 2016
Kaolin Fire.jpeg Missile VR ERIF 2016
Fractal Combat X.jpeg Fractal Combat X NEWTYPE K.K. 2016
VR Flappy.jpeg VR Flappy denis kropov 2016
VR Zombie City 3D.jpeg VR Zombie City 3D Murat Yilmaz 2016
VR Army Shooter Training.jpeg VR Army Shooter Training Muhammad Tahir 2016
VR Drive In Car On Highway Pro.jpeg VR Drive In Car On Highway Pro Door to Apps 2016
X Termite Nation VR.jpeg X Termite Nation VR Video Game Innovation Mexico 2016
VR Stick Man Cave Runner.jpeg VR Stick Man Cave Runner Door to Apps 2016
VR Horse Race Run & Jump.jpeg VR Horse Race Run & Jump Muhammad Tahir 2016
VR Neon Pipe.jpeg VR Neonpipe Death Route Dumadu Games Pvt Ltd 2016
VR Archery.jpeg VR Archery andrew sasaki 2016
VR Soccer Juggling.jpeg VR Soccer Juggling andrew sasaki 2016
VR Mars Escape 3D.jpeg VR Mars Escape 3D Murat Yilmaz 2016
VR Buggy Demolition Smash.jpeg VR Buggy Demolition Smash Muhammad Tahir 2016
Call of Delta 2 VR.jpeg Call of Delta 2 VR Rafique Ahmed 2016
Racer Xtreme VR Pro.jpeg Racer Xteme VR Pro Area 1 Ltd 2016
Spirit Board VR.jpeg Spirit Board VR Daniel Scarpelli 2016
VR Tank Training.jpeg VR Tank Training Digital World Studio 2016
VR Birds Hunting Jungle Shooting.jpeg VR Birds Hunting Jungle Shooting Rafique Ahmed 2016
VR Spy Pigeon Secret Mission.jpeg VR Spy Pigeon Secret Mission Tahir Mahmood 2016
VR Duck Jungle Archer Hunting.jpeg VR Duck Jungle Archer Hunting Rafique Ahmed 2016
Runner VR.jpeg Runner VR Dung Nguyen 2016
Return Zero VR.jpg Return Zero VR GroundControl
CoSpaces.jpg CoSpaces Delightex 2016
Fractal Matrix VR.jpg Fractal Matrix VR schizo604 2016
VRBang.jpg VRBang 20secondstosun
Blobscape Experience.jpg Blobscape Experience Thaddaeus Andreades
InCell.jpg InCell Nival VR.
SONAR.jpg SONAR Philipp Maas, Dominik Stockhausen, Alexander Maas
Mentour 360.jpg Mentour 360 Mentour 360 SC
Woorld.png Woorld Funomena 2016