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Headmaster is a virtual reality game for the Avegant Glyph, Playstation VR, and Playstation VR platform.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Headmaster is a virtual reality sports game where the player is asked to physically interact with the ball in their immediate space. Because the player previously had "low performance", they've been sent to "The Footballl Improvement Center", and are tasked with completing a set of challenges as part of their "re-education".

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Headmaster is a VR game where you physically head virtual footballs and other odd things. You have been banished to The Football Improvement Center for below standard performance at your club. To work your way back you'll head footballs in the many varied challenges of "Heading Re-education", and just when it can't get any weirder... it gets normal. And then weird again. Play with friends or on your own as you build your skills and solve the vast variety of challenges in this PSVR exclusive.

History[edit | edit source]

Headmaster was originally conceived by Ben Throop at The Boston VR Bender game jam put on by the Boston VR Meetup, Owlchemy Labs, Valve, and Unity in June 2014. After several months of prototyping and uncertainty, the game was first shown as a last minute addition to the Show and Tell section Indiecade East in New York in February 2015. While there Ben met Nick Suttner of Sony and set up a well-received demo (good story there) which led to a follow up meeting at GDC. After a successful pitch at GDC, Frame Interactive was founded and the game was signed as a Sony exclusive for PSVR.

Highlights/Features[edit | edit source]

  • A new mechanic that's only possible in Virtual Reality
  • Accessible to non-gamers and a great introduction to VR that requires no controller for gameplay. All menu interactions are handled with nods and shakes of the head..
  • Tons of laughs - a great party game that makes use of the PSVR Social Screen.
  • Crossover appeal between VR, Sports, and Video Games.
  • Pitched as the strange love child of Wii Sports and Portal

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