General Phone VR Headset Troubleshooting

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This is the General Phone VR Headset Troubleshooting section of the general troubleshooting guide for the VR Wiki. Please use ctrl+f to search this page for common errors, or use the table of contents below.

Because Phone VR Headsets are by and large "phone holder" experiences, these troubleshooting situations are almost universally applicable, with the sole exception of solutions specific to Google Cardboard found on the Google Cardboard Troubleshooting page.

My phone doesn't fit[edit | edit source]

Most headsets have a defined range of phone sizes that's notated clearly in the packaging. Make sure your phone fits. If the phone is too small, you can also buy thin rubber and foam to create a cushion. Foam paintbrushes can provide material to cut off and form a cushion for the bottom edge of smaller phones to rest on.

My phone isn't centered in the holder[edit | edit source]

The best way to fix this is to find a feature that shows the middle line of the two images on your phone, and alternately look through each eye while trying to make the line disappear. Because most cases have a barrier between the eye pieces, that barrier should hover over the line and make it invisible, thus meaning your phone is truly centered.

My phone is overheating[edit | edit source]

This is a problem with certain phones more than others, but it's likely an issue of background applications. Turn off background updating and background applications. If each app uses just 5% of a CPU, and you have ten apps open, you've already killed half your CPU and have the resultant heat to deal with. Turn everything off.