Desk Scene - Check Your Camera Bounds

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Desk Scene - Check Your Camera Bounds

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Desk Scene - Check Your Camera Bounds is a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Steam platforms.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Relive those nostalgic days of your youth with Desk Scene!

After it went missing, this was remade for the newer runtimes. With this you can also visualize your actual camera bounds, with your correct sensor FOV, for CV1 or DK2.

You can toggle between the classic camera bounds, a fancier version, and disabled.

You can also switch, on the monitor, to your camera point of view, or to a controllable third person view.

The new SDK introduced the ability to know the floor actual height for some games (that's why you input your height before running the sensor position updater, so it measures how high is the floor).

So we have two tracking modes for games: Eye Level and Floor Level

In Eye Level mode (the usual mode, before 1.3), when you reset orientation, you also reset the floor height according to your eyes and your height set up in your profile settings.

In Floor Level mode, when resetting orientation, the floor will always be at the same solid height, so you can walk around reliably.

You can toggle between those modes by pressing Up or Y. It starts in Floor Level mode by default.

You can also toggle the red chair visibility.

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