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Call of Delta 2 VR

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Rafique Ahmed

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Call of Delta 2 VR is a virtual reality game for the Google Play, Altergaze, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Fove, Freefly VR, Homido, iOS, LG 360 VR, Star VR, and Zeiss VR One platforms.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Wear 3D VR Glasses and start your mission as a silent assassin, a ghost who is never seen by the public or its target. You move from shadow to shadow until you strike with deadly force. You have entered a world in which spies operate under the radar, moving to locations around the world to complete secret missions. As new member to the agency your missions will start simple, but make no mistake you will soon need to kill or be killed. Call of Delta 2 VR is special game for action games lovers, Virtual Reality Games lovers, Secret Missions game Lovers, Front line Commando game lovers and shooting walking dead lovers.

Any cover you can find is vital in the secret game of stealth operations. Move behind walls, obstacles, metal barrels, or anything you can find to remain out of sight of your enemies. You need a solid composure as you sneak past a guards and prepare to take them down. Sneak behind them like a snake in the night and then snap their neck in one smooth movement. Missions as a operative can vary from kills where you are the hitman, recon missions, or go to infiltrate enemy territory to plant a network hack. Show your valuable anti-criminal skills in this Gangster Game to become the Boss Almighty of the Nation. Just become an unkilled hero to crush the well organized under world gangs.

So get your gear together an be prepared for your first training mission to proof your skills. As you gain experience your will be promoted put on the operational blacklist to complete more complex missions. The world is full of terror cells waiting to make a move and terrorist splinter groups seeking to build complete nations. You operate at a moments notice and can be deployed anywhere around the world to serve your country. The regiment in the agency you are part of is spying and assassinations. As a silent hit-man you are never to be detected! Getting caught means you are dishonored from the agency without any acknowledgement of your existence. Remember that the stakes are very high, but as a secret agent you are well prepared as money is no issue for the agency .As a thief in the night your missions are completed without the world knowing. Your missions need to be completed on absolute silence.

You are frontline commando, nation and chief general of your elite commando have full confidence in you to recover what they have lost due to negligence of some coward soldiers. You are given armor and trained hitman for escapade bloodshed of guerilla enemy shootout from any circumstance and any area clearance. So you are alone prestige idol ranger and hero of nation in this miserable condition and now it is up to you how you can fulfill your gorilla operation against opponent executioner. You are a top sniper fury agent and have merciless skill to engrave out the foe bombing raid, be ready and set hand on trigger to aim and kill the counter frontier supreme forces.

Encounter the swat commando war zone missions in this free first person shooter game. You have just been dropped in a very hostile enemy territory with a large force to attack for your last survival attempt. Gather up your first weapons and ammunition for this battle and become a swat shooter. You will soon be greeted by a group of assault shooter rangers and your mission is to kill all of them. Get ready to experience modern army man job, testing your skills as the last commando standing.


  • Smooth and intuitive FPS controls!
  • Unique Action Combat camera sequences!
  • Complete missions divided in regions, and play special Most Wanted missions!
  • 20 Missions full of explosive combat action
  • Select from a wide range of lethal sniper weapon guns, each with unique characteristics.
  • Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!
  • Challenge yourself and race against time to get rewards on strategic kills
  • Full addictive control of latest shooting rifles

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