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Battle Dome

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Battle Dome is a virtual reality game for the HTC Vive platform.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

(IMPORTANT! Battle Dome is early access. It needs a decent amount of polish and tweaking, so strongly consider this before purchasing. If you want a more polished and bug free experience, I encourage you to check back after a few weeks after I am able to smooth out the game. Thank you!)

Battle Dome is a 4 v 4 competitive VR shooter (Currently VR ONLY). You must work with your team mates to get to your opponent's base and destroy their core before they destroy yours. You must also spread your team's color, since you can only teleport onto your teams colored tiles. There is also a co-op wave shooter mode with 3 different enemies.

Currently, there are 5 gun choices and 3 color gun choices., as well as a shield Battle Dome also features built in voice chat (team and all talk).

Future plans include:

More gun choices More levels King of the hill mode Free for all deathmatch Add more enemies and bosses to Singleplayer/coop mode Polish everything and make everything look a bit nicer!

Possible future plans include (if there is demand):

A special mode that allows non VR gamers to play with VR gamers. Asynchronous local multiplayer mode (one person uses the mouse and keyboard, while the other uses the Vive) A campaign mode with a story.

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