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BassDrop is a virtual reality game for the Playstation VR platform.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

Bass Drop is a game being developed by HyperKin for both PlayStation VR and Steam VR. Bass Drop was available to play at the Hyperkin booth at E3. The game used a VR headset, wands, and headphones. The concept behind the game is a VR shooting game based around retro 80s, Tron-esque aesthetics. The game is washed in neon. The playable demo was only a demonstration of the game conceptually and the technology that is being used to create it. The playable level consists of the player shooting down projectiles coming from various directions. The whole time this is going on the song “Future Club” by Perturbator is playing in the background adding to the new retro feel that the game seems to be going for.

The story for the game is about a kid who sneaks into an arcade after hours and is absorbed into the world of the game that they snuck into the arcade to play. The kid must then fight for their life while trapped in the game. Concerning the future of the game, Hyperkin is looking to further develop it using tracking technology to provide what they describe as a “Smooth and immersive experience unlike any other.” What these improvements will exactly entail was not very clear but the idea of a retro shooter like this using VR technology makes sense. The 1980s is about the time virtual reality became more known in the public lexicon and people have been saying VR will be the ultimate endgame for video games since then. Whether or not that’s true has yet to be seen. Even though the game did have very crisp visuals and personality, admittedly through nostalgia, it was what seemed like a very early stage of the game’s development. This was just a demo of the technology more than anything.

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